Google Maps finds a “black hole” in the sea

Google Maps finds a “black hole” in the sea

Google Maps Finding a “black hole” in the seaIn fact, it is an island that is made inside visual effect From being a wonderful spot in the middle of nowhere.

reddit, one user posted a photo of what appeared to be “Black hole” thanks found Google Maps, a fact that baffled users.

Although the original image was posted without coordinates, many users have already set themselves the task of speculating why the interior of the island looks like a “black hole”. at sea.

Some users simply concluded that Google Maps He censored the interior of the island in the middle of the sea for some reason, because of the black color It was not “normal”.

There were even those joking about the island that Google Maps “found” in the middle of the sea, claiming that it was an island.Lost2010 TV series.

They have solved the mystery of the “black hole” in the middle of the sea in Google Maps

Finally, after making several theories between them Reddit users And other social networks, the google maps black hole.

Apparently, one Internet user claimed to have found the island’s location on Google Maps that looks like a “black hole” in the sea.

According to their reasoning, the reason why you see a “black hole” in Google Maps for this coloration is because it’s clearly the effect they give Many trees in the middle.

Apparently, the bushes of trees are very dense on the island, when photographed by satellite Google MapsIt appears that a “black hole” has been found in the sea.

that it “Black hole” What Google Maps found is actually the uninhabited island of Vostok, in the central region of the Pacific Ocean that is part of the Line Islands in the Republic of Kiribati.

With information from RT.

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