Horns waitresses criticize the new outfit for being underwear


Restaurant waitresses “trumpets” They criticized the chain over the new outfit she gave them, saying that it looked like underwear.

via tik tokThe women pointed out that the new shorts are very short and do not cover anything from the body and are sexist.

In this restaurant, which is a family-style bar, the waitresses are dressed in uniforms and tank tops, but this time, they say, too young. They even compare the new with the old.

In addition, the waitresses took the opportunity to talk about the rules of appearance in the restaurant, where it is required to put on makeup, smile all the time, and wear all-white tennis shoes.

Kristen Songer, one of the waitresses, said the new shorts are very revealing.

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The Story of Trumpets and Their “Daughters”

The currently popular restaurant opened in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, and now has a presence in more than 30 countries.

In Mexico, Hooters arrived in 1997 with the San ngel branch.

The main attraction of the restaurant is the “Girls of Horns”, whom the company assures that it is trying to promote, since 70% of them are students.

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