Gospel Solidarity Concert at Capella on Saturday in Medinaceli

Gospel Solidarity Concert at Capella on Saturday in Medinaceli

Following the success of Ugandan Sticks last August, Medinaceli’s contemporary DEARTE and “Music to Save Lives” are back in the fray with a new concert that will raise funds for the work of the latter entity in it. The orphanage in the Ugandan city of Kirika.

The African Gospel Ensemble Abba Tanu will perform at Palazzo Ducale in Oselita on Saturday, November 5, at 8:00 pm, after winning several awards and presenting their five warm voices, four boys and a girl, full of humor, joy and vitality. , due to scenarios in countries like Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Finland, and of course Rwanda and Uganda.

In 11 years, Aba Taano has given nearly 1,500 concerts, recorded seven albums, and won eleven international awards. In addition, they have created a virtual library of African voices (Kiawa, by Eduardo Tarilunte), have collaborated on the soundtrack for The House, composed by Rocky Banos, and have just been invited to sing, last September 2021, at a charity event in the Vatican.

Aba Taano originated from the choir “Music to Save Lives”, a humanitarian project that has been around since 2005 in Uganda and has already brought the dancers of the Ugandan Sticks group to Medinaceli. Kappella songs, theatrical, lively and entertaining of African gospels, loads of Zulu gospel, but they also perform ethnic and pop songs they hope to fill the Duke’s Palace on Saturday at a solidarity event that will cost €10 to fund Uganda’s “Music to Save Lives” mission. There, in the town of Kirika, they run an orphanage where they take care of dozens of children and educate them to provide them with a future.

Since August 2008, when they sang for the first time outside their country at the Zaragoza International Fair, in the African Pavilion, Aba Taano concerts have been unfolding all around, garnering great acclaim for the beauty of their voices and the tremendous work supporting them and winning many awards in group singing competitions all over the world. across Europe. Now they come to Alto Jalón to entertain the audience who come to Medinaceli and continue to raise money to help other young orphans like them to improve their situation in Uganda through music.

A full house is expected at the Ducal Palace, where tickets can actually be purchased. Sites can also be reserved by calling 975326498 or 628 79 16 10; or by e-mail, write to [email protected].

In addition, DEARTE launched Solidarity Class 0 with its Caja Rural de Soria account number ES62 3017 0240 8622 0457 0523, where all those interested in supporting the “Music to Save Lives” cause can now make their donations.

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