Groups within groups with common interests for more order, this is how it works

Groups within groups with common interests for more order, this is how it works

WhatsApp communities have arrived. Communities are the evolution of groups, which is one of the most important aspects of WhatsApp, its goal is to concentrate groups into a larger structure whose common aspect is to have similar tastes or needs.

For example, a community can be formed by the inhabitants of the building or the parents of the students of the school, and within this general group there will be more groups (from neighbors devoted to certain activities or parents of students of the school. Certain degrees) each member can join or not, according to their tastes and needs.

According to WhatsApp, its new communities It will help manage group conversations that can get messy. All community members will receive public messages, but not all members will receive messages sent in groups they are not part of.

Another example that WhatsApp put in place for the use of communities is that of a school principal, who will be able to share important notifications with all members, from parents to teachers, and also create separate groups for classes or activities, in which only interested people will be able to join. WhatsApp community is A pool that hosts smaller groups Of people with common interests.

In societies the officials will be responsible for creating and managing the internal groups and in fact it is stated that they will be able to integrate an existing group within the society. Likewise, administrators may remove or unlink groups and members.

Finally, WhatsApp ensures that communities are private, and that means it Maintain end-to-end encryption on messagesin addition to the fact that user numbers will be visible only to administrators and members of shared groups, and will remain private to all other members of the community.

New features to improve group conversations

Societies do not arrive alone. WhatsApp introduced four new features to improve group conversations: message responses, the ability for administrators to delete messages from other members, the ability to send files up to 2GB, and voice calls with up to 32 people. This news will also reach traditional WhatsApp groups.

Among these novelties, feedback stands out, a characteristic that has always been Known to be under development. In fact, societies too They let each other know for monthsand more More details were revealed recentlyindicating his imminent arrival, which is now official.

WhatsApp Communities and the new features that come with it, will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks.

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