GTA 6: This will be the online mode

GTA 6: This will be the online mode

After a massive leak, details about the game Rockstar have been released. The online situation will bring incredible news.

GTA 6 It is a game that generates a lot of expectations. After the success of GTA V, fans are eagerly awaiting the title that Rockstar has already confirmed. Currently, A user has leaked practically every detail of the video game. Here we tell you how the long-awaited online situation will be as filtered.

GTA 6: This will be the online mode

according to The huge leak shared by user TestPattern5The The new Grand Theft Auto’s online mode will have the following features:

  • Rockstar will give you Story mode takes priority over the internetbut keep in mind to add Multiplayer subscription service.
  • will continue to show The freedom offered by the online mode of GTA V.
  • Each online session will have a file 100 players max.
  • there will be Four different characters to choose from. They will all have Various skills and characteristics. You can create and customize a character of every type, and You can switch between them at any time, but each one will have their silver and their stuff.
  • there will be Story missions in online mode. Each character will have their own missions, which can be played Solo or multiplayer.
  • Each character’s structure can be customized, which will affect the stats: you can choose a fatter, thinner and muscular character, which will lead to changes in stamina, strength and health. During the game, it can be adjusted by eating more or less and exercising.
  • Silver will be more realistic: The items will be cheaper but the money will be harder to get
  • There will be reputation pointsThat will depend on the player’s behavior.
  • You could be arrested. To get out of prison you have to pay. Inside the prison, you will be able to fight against other players and earn or lose reputation points by the time you get out.
  • There will be traffic rules Which will also affect your reputation score.

GTA 6 Mega Leak

the user 5 . test model subscriber Documented with all the details of the game Rockstar. In the, Practically all the details of GTA 6 are revealedAnd the Like who will be the heroes, what will be the locations and even the release date. Although they are from Rockstar they haven’t confirmed or denied anything yet, The level of filter detail is enormous, so it is very likely that everything is correct. In addition, the user who shared this information is notorious for leaking news that ended up being true.

When will GTA 6 come out?

According to the leaked document which included all the details of the new Rockstar game, The title will be available between October and December 2024.

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