Guadalajara Marathon: Tonala defended Mexico

Guadalajara Marathon: Tonala defended Mexico

Of the six winners of the 2022 Guadalajara Marathon (men and women), there were five runners of African descent and only one participant of Mexican nationality.

It was Isabel Guadalupe Oropeza, a runner from Tonalla, who won third place in the women’s category at this 38th edition of the Guadalajara Sports Show.

Oropeza’s time was 2:34.48, a figure that earned him a run short of representatives from Uganda and Ethiopia.a situation that motivates long-distance runner Tonalteca to seek a place in the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

“The goal on this course is to find the mark to go to the Olympics in the marathon event, which is why this third-place finish gives me a lot of confidence to get to something like this. In 2019 I also had to finish third, And last year I was in fifth place, but my brand is getting better and better and that makes me happy.”

“The truth is, being at home was a motivator for me, people motivated me a lot and I reciprocated by being the best Mexican,” said Guadalupe Oropeza, who has competed since 2014 and is now looking forward to attending her first Olympics.

This edition of the Guadalajara Marathon had an important change in its course, because unlike in recent years where the start and finish line was near La Minerva, Now the tour has reached the east of the city and found its beginning and end in the historic centre.



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