Hacker downloads for CODA and King Richard jump after the Oscars

Hacker downloads for CODA and King Richard jump after the Oscars

According to portal data sil freakinterest on kudawhich won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the most recent edition of the ceremony, has filmed pirate downloads so far.

Although the film was legally available through streaming services (Apple in the US case and Amazon Prime in Latin America), the portal noted that illegal returns skyrocketed Monday after the Oscars handover.

As they explain, using a sample of public torrent sites is made by Yu lo seDuring the first months of the year, CODA had about 5,000 downloads per day. Once the nominations are announced, it is clear that the numbers have doubled. After the victory, it is estimated that 60,000 downloads were generated daily.

The above is just a sample, because it is impossible to determine all the downloads made on private trackers or pirate streams, but it does indicate the importance of the Oscars in sparking interest in a smaller film.

In addition, thanks to Will Smith controversy, pirated downloads of King Richard It also rose, albeit to a lesser degree. The movie about the father of the Williams sisters has been available for months on HBO Max.

In conclusion, Google’s search trends also reflect a similar drive around interest in Coda and King Richard, and it also serves as an example that reflects the impact of the most recent Academy Awards.

Although the most striking thing is that the inclinations of both films are very far from what was generated by the searches for Will Smith, given that this stemmed from an impulse small pool without equality

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