The Netflix mini-series that is still in first place in the United States

The Netflix mini-series that is still in first place in the United States

With only nine chapters and a story based on a true story, Netflix mini-series Anna’s creation It is still among the most watched in the United States.

According to official data from Nielsen, the world leader in audience measurement, for the week of February 28 to March 6, the Shonda Rhimes miniseries (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), starring Julia Garner (Ozark, Sin City) as Anna Sorokin and Anna Chlimsky (my girlAnd the vice) as Vivian Kent, Total uptime of 1.168 million minutes.

Create Anna – Official Trailer – Netflix

The numbers are no longer surprising. According to the report, in the week of February 14-20, Anna’s creation It garnered a total of 3.283 million minutes watched, surpassing the 1.219 million minutes it earned the previous week. However, at that time it had only been two days since the premiere.

The short series has reached the popular platform flow on February 11 and has since been placed at the top of the Nielsen rating. The plot is based on the story of Anna Sorokin and an article in New York magazine titled “How Anna Delphi deceived the members of the New York Party” (How Anna Delphi Cheated Partygoers in New York) by Jessica Pressler.

In the week of February 28 to March 6, Anna’s creation was the most-watched original series (Image: Snapshot)

The real story behind Make Anna Up

The protagonist of this story is a girl in her twenties who has cheated and deceived high society in New York.. She introduced herself as Anna Delphi, a supposed German heiress who wanted to create a private club of millionaires in Manhattan, and came close to securing nearly $40 million in funding. What no one imagined was that Anna’s real real name is Sorokin, her nationality is Russian, and she is far from rich.

The legal process for the immigrant continues. I got Fraud on banks and hotels. updated Their social networks often deal with the daily life of their luxurious imagination, but finally She was arrested on October 3, 2017 in Los Angeles.

The real Anna Sorokin during her trial (Image: FILE)
The real Anna Sorokin during her trial (Image: FILE)get pictures

Today he’s 31, and his story has become world famous thanks to the Netflix series based on his case, in which Sorokin collaborated herself as a paid consultant, according to the BBC. A year after her arrest, at the end of 2018, the Russian appeared before a court in New York and Not guilty. I saved this Going to trial was the only way he had to tell his side of the story.

In March 2019, he began a month-long trial against him. During that time period, Sorokin managed to get various items of clothing for his public appearances. As he explained, he did so because his clothes were the only thing he could control in telling his case.

Currently, she is still being held in a New Jersey prison and is awaiting a decision regarding her possible deportation to Germany, The British News Agency said that the country in which she was raised and of her nationality. Sorokin said he hopes to stay in North America because of Germany, for her, is worse than prison.

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