Halston: The True Story of the Designer Ewan McGregor in the New Ryan Murphy Series | Skip an entry

Halston: The True Story of the Designer Ewan McGregor in the New Ryan Murphy Series |  Skip an entry

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We all know the fruits of Ryan Murphy’s famous work Netflix. In the past year and a half alone, the broadcasting platform has launched six projects it manages and / or has produced, among them “Ratched”, “Los Niños de la Banda” and “The Politician”. This list will increase with the premiere of “Halston” mini-series that we can see starting Friday May 14th. The production recalls the life of American designer Halston and reviews the massive influence he had on New York fashion in the 1970s and 1980s, but who was he in real life? Here we tell you.

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Autobiography directed by Daniel Minaham | and has Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, Shar White (who is credited as co-author), Ted Mallor, Tim Pinkney and Christina Wu as screenwriters. The main character is responsible for the actor Ewan McGregor, Known for his work in films like “Trainspotting”, “star Wars” And Moulin Rouge. Alongside him will be Bill Pullman, Rebecca Diane, Kelly Bishop and Vera Farmiga, among others.

The story aims to be told The Rise, Rise and Fall of an Influential Designer, Who is betting on establishing and expanding his empire continuously beyond clothing and accessories. An ingenious, creative and visionary, Halston is an important figure in fashion, but his image is not remembered by many.

Roy Halston Frock He was born on April 23, 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). From a young age, her interest in sewing grew, which she inherited from her mother. In her teens, she started making hats and decorating clothes for her mother and sister. In 1952, when his family moved to Chicago, he enrolled in an evening course at the Art Institute of Chicago and worked as a designer of side cabinets. It wasn’t until five years later He opened his first store called Boulevard Salon.

At the end of the same year, he decided to move to New York. Designer Andre Basil introduced Halston to hat maker Lily Daci, who offered him a job. Thanks to his immense talent, he was able to reveal his name in just a year Co-designer Dachi, Made friends with several fashion editors and left the studio where he worked to become Head hat designer for Bergdorf Goodman.

The king of simplicity and elegance

His fame took off thanks Jacqueline Kennedy. She attended her husband’s show as President of the United States, wearing Oleg Cassini jacket and Halston hat. This simple creation has been recreated by women all over the world. And so it became Official hatred of the first lady. In 1966, he started his way in designing clothes and opened his first career a store.

In the seventies, during a fashion show in Versailles, the stylist Impress the fashion world with its simple style and attention to detail That he presented in his group. Its defining characteristic was based on basic but elegant pieces: cashmere sweaters, waist-length shirt dresses, and elegant pants. It featured a color palette that included ivory, black and red, but achieved a sensual aura with touches of fuchsia, electric blue and burgundy.

Fame and glory

As his fame grew, those he worked with became known as well. His favorite models include Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson, Heidi Goldberg, and Angelica Houston. the East “Entourage” was nicknamed “The Halstonettes” Posted by fashion journalist Andre Leon Tally. This group, in addition to appearing in various advertisements for the brand, accompanied the designer on trips and important events.

His fame was not only on the catwalks, but also in the city’s nightlife. Halston has become a regular visitor to the popular Studio 54Where he shared party nights and transgressions with famous people such as the artist Lisa Minnelli And artist Andy Warhol. One of the most famous nightclub events was Halston’s Christmas party for Bianca Jagger in 1977.

The Halston brand became part of Norton Simon Industries in 1973. Two years later, it incorporated a men’s clothing line and a perfume line. The partnership, however, was not fruitful for Halston. The designer refused to sign any piece that they hadn’t personally considered, making it difficult to reach the expected level of productivity.

Great downfall

Later, Signed a six-year licensing agreement with retail chain JC Penney. The line, called Halston III, consists of affordable clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances. While the designer was excited, The deal damaged his image with the high fashion world, as they felt his name was “cheap.”That’s because, up until that point, no other high-end designer had licensed their designs to be reproduced for supermarkets.

In 1983, Esmark Inc. On the Halston Limited trademark after the acquisition, The designer began to lose control of the company and became frustrated. A year later, he was banned from creating designs for his trademark. He ditched the brand altogether, but continues to design for some of his friends and family.

Halston was diagnosed with HIV in 1988. His health began to deteriorate, so he decided to move to San Francisco, where he was looked after by his family until the day he passed away. On March 26, 1990, he died of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a disease associated with his diagnosis.

Serial "Halston" It will premiere Friday May 14th on Netflix.  In this production, we'll see Ewan McGregor bring the sexy designer to life.  (Image: Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix)
The short series “Halston” will air on Friday May 14th on Netflix. In this production, we’ll see Ewan McGregor bring the sexy designer to life. (Image: Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix)

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