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The French men’s soccer team is in the Olympic Games for the first time since 1996, and has known the identity of all of its potential opponents for the group stage since Monday, March 29. Mexico and Honduras won one of 16 tickets to Tokyo, after Japan, Germany, Romania, Spain, New Zealand, Egypt, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil, the title holders.

The Blues qualified by reaching the semi-finals of Euro 2019 hopes (losing 4-1 to Spain). Each selection will be comprised of players under the age of 23, with three exceptions, leaving the door open for Kylian Mbappe. In Rio, Brazil counted on Neymar to win the gold, which was won by the French only once, in 1984. The draw for the group stage is scheduled for April 21st.

Semi-finalists (but not medal winners) in 2012 and quarter-finals in 2016, However, the players will not be present in Japan (July 23 – August 8). Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden occupied the three places dedicated to the European continent, which qualified for the 2019 World Cup semi-finals, which were won by the United States. A summary of the French ranked or not ranked teams in other team sports.

Handball: with men and women

At the end of a tightly controlled qualifying tournament against major competitors, the French men’s handball team validated their ticket on Sunday 14 March in Montpellier. In a match in which the most important thing was not to lose by more than seven goals, the French team met Portugal (28-29), who qualify for the Olympiad for the first time.

Sure, we haven’t met the “experts” who smashed everything in their path between 2008 and 2015, however The French will go to Tokyo with ambitions to reclaim the gold medal’s lusterThat survived them in August 2016, in Rio, in the Olympic final against Denmark, after two consecutive coronations. The other ten qualifiers are Japan, Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain, Egypt, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Sweden and Germany.

The French women’s team will also be attending European champion 2018. This will be his sixth consecutive Olympiad. Blue also takes the silver. Norway, which claimed the title and remained European champion last December, had to pass the Olympic qualifiers in mid-March to join Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Angola, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Russia and Montenegro.

Basketball: Everyone is there, too

Amazing silver medalists in Sydney in 2000, absent in 2004 and 2008, French basketball players will appear for the third time in a row after sixth place and with this ticket they won by achieving the achievement of the United States defeat in the quarter-finals of the 2019 World Cup (89-79) .

Ivan Fournier’s partners will meet in Tokyo on “Team USA” is in the first group, with Iran and the winner of TQO quality between Greece, China and Canada. The first two of the three groups will go to the fourth set, accompanied by the top two-thirds.

Like Handball, basketball will also have its women’s team in Japan. “Thieves,” a nickname acquired in 2009, ditched TQO which captured the best of Australia, Puerto Rico and Brazil. They were placed in group B, and they would be rubbed in the first round Nigeria, Japan and America. Les Bleues reached the final in 2012, and fourth place in 2016.

Basketball 3: Two TQOs in May

A new discipline 3v3 basketball was included in the Olympic program, and the full list has yet to be provided. For both men and women, the French team will play TQO in May in Graz, Austria.

The knights will be in a group with him Slovenia, Qatar, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic, Ladies with The United States, Germany, Uruguay and Indonesia. The first two will go to Tokyo.

Volleyball: yes for men, no for women

At 30 years old, will Irvine Nagabeth be able to hang an Olympic medal around his neck, which will be the first in French volleyball? The mission promises to be formidable for a nation it will be Present at the Olympic Games for this men’s sport for the fifth time in 15 copies, Which ranked eighth at best (1988) and remains ninth.

Laurent Tillie’s men went on to find his place during TQO in Germany in January 2020. On the other hand, French volleyball players have never played in the Olympics In a specialty introduced in 1964. The French duo has had no traces in beach volleyball since its introduction in 1996 in Atlanta.

Water polo: the two absent teams

Olympic champions in Paris in 1924, 11th place in Rio 2016 after an absence of 24 yearsThe French polo players will not be in Tokyo. Like the female volleyball players, their peers will discover the Paris Games in 2024.

Rugby Sevens: Two TQOs in June

There is still rugby, which has been played in sevens rather than the fifteenth in the Olympic Games, since 2016. The two French teams will try to take the place in the June qualifiers in Monaco, with 12 candidates for the position.

Girls will compete with Argentina, Colombia, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa and Tunisia, and the boys will compete with Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Samoa, Tonga, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

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