“He who chooses his assistants is the president.”

“He who chooses his assistants is the president.”

Hernan Zentino

Speaker of the House of Representatives Today, for the first time, Sergio Massa referred to the tensions that occurred a few days ago in the ruling party, distance Defeating the government in the primaries The general message of the Vice President Christina Kirchner To request changes to the treasury. He stressed that the challenge facing the Todos Front in Congress and as a bloc is to learn “tolerance with diversity.” Likewise, regarding the new ministers, he affirmed: “Whoever chooses his assistants is the president“.

The definition was identical to what was issued by the head of the ruling bloc in the House of Representatives, far Kirchner, End of this week. Both work together in drafting agreements within and outside the coalition government.

In this way, Massa tried to make the versions relatively in regards to the loss of strength Alberto Fernandez In front of the ex-president, who said in her letter a few days ago that she had identified Juan Manzor as a possible new chief of staff. Finally, the former governor of Tucumán assumed power in the place of Santiago Cafiero.

The most important thing is that [los cambios de ministros] Leave her alone and please the boss. The cabinet is optional for the president. Massa pointed out that whoever decides and who chooses his assistants is the president.

In a similar position to Fernandez’s, he said he was not afraid of debates within his political power. “We have to tolerate this diversity that is sometimes expressed in private and public discussions. To be able to discuss a topic does not mean a quarrel or separation,” Massa, who played a leading role in last week’s negotiations, said when the rift broke out between the officials who responded to Christina Kirchner and those from the first boss’s bosom.

We are an alliance with sectors expressing different points of view. We must be able to maintain unity in diversity.” The Speaker affirmed.

When analyzing the unfavorable electoral results of the FdT in PASO on September 12, he linked low electoral turnout to supporters of the ruling party not wanting access to polling places. “The first major difficulty we had was not having that power to invite everyone to vote,” he analyzed.

Goodbye virtual sessions

Meanwhile, Massa is trying to nullify hypothetical legislative activity during the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Today you will sign a decision Cancels the mixed sessions that have been held for a year and a half, to return to being in place.

according to what blame agencyThe Speaker of the House of Representatives informed him yesterday of the measure he would take in front of the Ma’an bloc authorities for change, but it was not yet clear whether the method would be extended. On site for media committee meetings.

This is the method used by the file The first face-to-face session after February 27, 2020, When discussing the retirement privilege of judges. The agenda to be agreed upon includes the Cow Act, permission to exit and enter troops to conduct joint exercises with other countries, and a forward marking project.

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