Hector Cuper continues to make history in Africa


The Congolese representative, who won Region J with 11 points, will be one of the five places heading to next year’s World Cup in a series of qualifiers that he will face with the other nine qualifiers for this final stage.

santafesino . group Cooper (The former coach of Huracán, Lanus, Mallorca and Valencia, the last two from Spain, and Inter from Italy), who will turn 66 next Tuesday, won with explanations Diomercy Mbokani (10m penalty point) Ben Malango (St. 31 AD).

in this way, Congo (formerly Zaire) passed the table to Boys (10) It became one of the classifieds for the following example.

Ghana, for its part, defeated South Africa 1-0 at home and qualified for the next round of the African Championship. Striker Andre Ayew (Pt. 33m. PT, from the penalty spot), is transferred to the home team at Cape Coast.

The two teams finished with 13 points at the top of Group G of the qualifiers, but Ghana passed the round with a goal difference in their favor 7-6.

Other results that have occurred are Zimbabwe 1 – Ethiopia 1 (Group G), Madagascar 1 – Tanzania 1 (Group J), Mali 1 – Uganda 0, Ghana 1 – South Africa 0 and Senegal 2 – Congo 0.

Those selected and who have already secured their participation in the qualifiers are: Mali (Group E), Egypt (Group F), Ghana (Group G), Senegal (Group Eight) and Morocco (Group I)..

On Monday, the sixth date of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup Qatar continues as follows:

Group A: 13:00 (Argentine time), Niger – Djibouti.

Group E: 10:00, Kenya – Rwanda.

Group H: 10:00 Namibia-Togo.

Group A: 13:00: Guinea-Bissau-Sudan.

= positions =

Group A: Algeria 13 points. Burkina Faso: 11; Niger 4; Delpote 0.

Group B: Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea – 10. Zambia 7, Mauritania 1.

Group C: Nigeria 12, Cape Verde 10; Central African Republic, 4; Liberia 3.

Group D: Ivory Coast – 13, Cameroon, 12; Malawi 3; Mozambique, 1.

Group E: Mali – 16; Uganda, 9; Kenya 3; Rwanda 1.

Group F: Egypt 11. Gabon, 7; Libya 6 Angola 4.

Group G: Ghana and South Africa 13. Ethiopia, 5; Zimbabwe 2.

Group H: Senegal – 16 Togo, Namibia 5; Congo 3.

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