Hector Soto’s Column: A Winter’s Dream: Finally, Big Movie


Better late than never. This week an important headline finally arrived on the national broadcast: Winter dreamBy Turkish director Nuri Bilj Ceylan, Palme d’Or at Cannes 2014. It’s on stage arcadiafilms.cl And not only in this context is inevitable for the world of cinema. A majestic feat, captured in this almost dreamlike scene of Cappadocia, in Anatolia, Turkey, which captures the most refined European cinematic traditions (Dreyer, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Bella Tarr). The story takes place in a boutique mountain hotel during the winter season and investigates the relationships the protagonist has with his wife, a woman much younger than him, with his sister, a much more acidic woman, with the hotel staff, with locals and even with himself.

Basically, the movie is a great account. The protagonist – a middle-aged hotelier, former actor, eventually writer, wealthy individual – has balances against his community (the son of one of his tenants threw a stone at the car he was traveling in), along with his sister, a sour woman who was beaten from a recent divorce, with His wife, a young woman, spent her best years at his side, also with ideals that set him in motion at another time. In the 3 hours and 16 minutes that this drama continues, he will have to balance his calculations, put in his arrogance, admit his mistakes and try to continue living.

So said a gringo critic Winter dream he looks like Glare Kubrick, but without Jack Nicholson with a crazy face and no ax. The comparison may be irreverent although it is still subtle. The big difference is that in America conflicts are resolved while they are resolved in the European cultural fabric, as this novel was visualized (the text is inspired by the stories of Chekhov and Dostoyevsky), conflicts are so intense on the Internet that a person can be freed and left unscathed. Nobody runs away from there. We hope the characters are forever suspended in a space of guilt, remorse, resignation, and misery.

Is it a great movie? if it was. Is it perfect? Maybe not. Lacks humor and lightness. She has clear imbalances and a serious tone that should not be trusted in principle. But besides its excessive gossip and its systematic rationality, the film contains psychological, political, and even cosmic notes (the arrival of winter, the capture of wild horses) that put this drama on such a level where beauty simply meets reality. And that makes all the difference.

At one point, one of the characters says, citing Shakespeare, that compassion is a coward’s refuge to defend himself from the strong. History is not only a low blow to the wife of the hero, who develops charitable activities. It is also for the sake of realization itself, which looks compassionately at the methods of redemption and tolerance of his characters. There are multiple clues to want to search for it. Actually finding them, in fact little.

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