New Disney Inspiration: The Unusual Story of a Ugandan World Chess Champion


This Thursday, November 17th, the movie “Rina de Catoy”, which depicts the life of Fiona Mozzi, an African miracle, begins in Chile.

Phiona Mutesi was born with a pre-checkmate game against her. The Ugandan woman lost her father to AIDS when she was three years old. After some time, she saw one of her sisters die and were almost overwhelmed by malaria: at eight years old, her family was ready to put on her shroud and bury her. But while he was ordering food for his brother on the streets of Katwe – the same streets he set up in his home – Robert Katind, the missionary who offered him, as well as a plate of oatmeal, came across chess lessons. This move, for the first time, will put the board in its favor.

This is a summary of life The first person from his country to become a world champion in discipline. An unusual story that American writer Tim Crothers turned into a book Disney bought the rights to turn her into Queen of Katwe.The film, which will arrive in Chile on November 17th.

Madina Nalwanga starring as Mutesi, L. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o Like Nakku Harriet and David Oyelowo as Robert Katende, the movie depicts how the support of her family and community gave her the determination to fulfill her dream of being the best in the world.


A road is as impossible as it is miraculous, as Crothers puts it in his book:Fiona Mutese is the last episode of The Untouchables. Being born African means being outcast in the world. Being born in Uganda means being a pariah in Africa. Being born in Katwe means being a pariah in Uganda. To be born a girl is to be a pariah in Katwe. ”

Because the men of his town saw discipline as a white man’s game. And the same star announced to CNN in 2012 that she had never felt like a vulnerable person: “I thought everyone lived the same as my life.”.

According to his view, his shortcomings fall within the norms of normal life.

Reina de Katwe: historia de Phiona Mutesi, detrás de la película

But the girl imposed herself on everything, and after walking for a year from five to six kilometers a day to perfect herself, I learned all of the secrets of chess.

At the age of 11 he won his first tournament, the Ugandan Youth Championship. Later, he left his country to travel to Sudan to participate in an international tournament. In 2010 he was part of the Khanty Mansiysk Olympiad in Siberia, and in 2012 he participated in the Istanbul Olympics, where Become the first African to win a FIDE title.

The last step is becoming Grand Master International.

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