He’s playing the Africa Cup and he hired a double to run his test: the amazing confession of a detainee

He’s playing the Africa Cup and he hired a double to run his test: the amazing confession of a detainee
Striker Mustafa Muhammad plays for Galatasaray in Turkey (Getty Images)

Egyptian football player Moustafa Mohammed Currently dispute over Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) On Cameroon This week, he had to take an exam at the university where he studies in his country. Since it was impossible for him to introduce himself, the player asked someone else to do it for him and he was caught.

Person in charge of Cairo University Institutewhere Mohammed Registering, he realized that the 24-year-old student who introduced himself was not an attacker GalatasarayIt’s a diploma in literature. Therefore, file a complaint immediately.

The arrested young man quickly confessed and explained that he was doing it “to help a friend”, according to information published by state media. even though, The investigation will seek to discover whether this man actually paid money to replace the athlete.

Internet users commented on the incident on social media in the most populous Arab country, where football is the king of sports. Someone wrote on Facebook: “Ministry of Higher Education, 100 million Egyptians and all football fans in Africa know that Mustafa Mohamed is in Cameroon, it is the most stupid fraud of the century!”

Mostafa Mohamed plays in the African Cup in Cameroon (Reuters)
Mostafa Mohamed plays in the African Cup in Cameroon (Reuters)

The trap did not stop there: in his confession, the detainee, whose identity has not been revealed, said that it was not the first time that the footballer had substituted: “I have already passed three exams” instead of Mustafa MuhammadHe told the prosecutor. This statement exposes the strategy of the attacker, who can now be expelled from the League. In addition, he questions his entire performance throughout his studies.

So far, the man who works in Galatasaray from Turkey This is in plain sight Seville From Spain did not comment on this. He must face the Egyptian national team on Wednesday Ivory Coast for round 16 of Africa Cup If he advances, the winner will collide with the cross between them Morocco, West, sunset And the Malawi which will take place on the same day.

Mustafa Mohammed He is one of the best football players in his country. I got out of a quarry Zamalekspent several years on loan to different teams of Egyptian Premier League and And settled in the past two seasons with the Turkish national team, where he scored 14 goals in 44 matches. His outstanding performance caused his last name to appear in the corridors of Sanchez Beguan because Sevilla could hire him in the middle of this year for the 2022/23 campaign for a sum of nearly $6.5 million.

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