Highly recommended romantic movies that (I don’t know how and why) I haven’t watched yet

Highly recommended romantic movies that (I don’t know how and why) I haven’t watched yet

I didn’t even know this tape existed until I read the new book Albert Moreno, Content Chief Vanity Fair: Movies I haven’t watched with my dad (chalk circle). It turns out that this is one of his favorite nicknames and he doesn’t hesitate to go back to him with enthusiasm over and over again – even in the face of incomprehension from the rest of the world, as he once commented on his Instagram account. “It is about a loser who has just been left in an ugly way – something easy to recognize when our spirits are low – who, however, is fighting to be happy, to become a model to overcome. The fact that this happened in Tokyo is also a catalyst, because she is one of the My favorite cities. Brittany Murphythat talented actress who left early and was one of my favorites, has never been more charming to me,” says Moreno.

“The Next World” (Mona Fastfold, 2020)

In this case, the compelling—and solid—recommendation comes from the journalist Patricia Morenoa regular collaborator at fashion Spain. “Silence, cold and loneliness. In, as we say, in the midst of nowhere, Abigail’s eyes meet—and thus, their lives (Katherine Waterston) and next (Vanessa Kirby). An unexpected twist of the fate of two women from rural America in the mid-19th century, both married to men, and both living lives on the fringes of tradition. What begins as a friendship leads to an attraction that will change her forever. The fastfold It is a movie that received less attention in its premiere than ammonite (Francis Lee, 2020), although they were both released a few months ago. In the wake of Carol (Todd Haynes, 2016), both films show the urgency of lesbian stories at the time, essential to creating a lineage—real or fictional—for this group.”

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