First dates: Alvaro or Mario Casas? Movie kisses on “first dates” that end with an English test

“First Dates” It’s the perfect place to find love, or so she says. What am I sure you found Alexandra It is a reason to stay in Madrid and Spain; She is from the United States and works here as an English teacher. Alvaro Here’s why: a seductive look, a gentle smile, but no idea of ​​the English language, which amuses her.

Although he didn’t like him very much, hearing her tone made him change his mind: “I’m starting to like him.” Although he admitted that he never had a serious relationship: “More than three months I can not stand it.”

Exam in the middle

In the middle of the date, Alexandra wanted to test Alvaro’s knowledge of languages, but saw that he had no idea and gave up. The next thing was to ask him to show him Madrid and especially the party in the city. Alvaro ended up admitting that he didn’t think he would like him very much, Even talking about having children together or adoption.

Alexandra, before proposing to go out to celebrate, admitted that she wanted to go to Fabrik, “Come on, you’re going to something weak,” he confirmed between laughs. The strong avocado has already arrived at the stall, When Alvaro planted a movie kiss on her without saying a word. “Stop!” , It was her response.

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