The Bolivian film “The Visitor” wins the Best Screenplay award at the Tribeca Film Festival (USA).

The Bolivian film “The Visitor” wins the Best Screenplay award at the Tribeca Film Festival (USA).

“The Visitor” is a feature film by Bolivian director Martin PollockQ won Best Screenplay Thursday in the international competition of the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in the United States. In addition to the fact that it was the first time that a Bolivian film was part of the official competition of the famous competition.

“This confession is very important to me, because Beyond personal satisfaction, I think it means another boost to our cinema,” Martin Bullock told EL DEBER from New York, where the festival created by actor Robert De Niro takes place.

The film “The Visitor” was shown at the festival on Saturday 11 June, the second screening was on Tuesday 14, and two more screenings are scheduled. “It was a very pleasant surprise that in the two days that the movie was shown, the room was full Very positive reviews of the film are starting to emerge from the international media and I am very happy with the reception, and it seems to me that it will have an interesting path from now on,” commented the director, still excited about the award.

The Tribeca Film Festival presents every year More than 600 screenings and more than 150,000 people come together to see the films of the independent directors. This year, only 10 films were selected in the section devoted to foreign fiction films, including “The Visitor”.

“In fact, we were the only film from Latin America and this is the first time that Bolivia participated in this festival and it was an honor for us to be here, but now with the award I hope it will be another boost to this urgent need that we have for public funds for cinema in Bolivia.

This movie was made with funds raised through Urban Interventions in 2019 This good moment in Bolivian cinema is largely due to that money. We hope that this award will help give the authorities a boost to understand the need for a definitive fund for cinema in Bolivia,” insisted Bullock, who co-wrote the film’s script with writer Rodrigo Aspan.

visitor” It tells the story of a former prisoner named Humberto who makes his living singing upon awakening, and who aspires to rebuild his relationship with his daughter and provide her with a decent life. But the girl’s grandparents, wealthy evangelical pastors, aren’t ready to give up custody of their only granddaughter, according to the summary.

Bullock’s new work (“My most beautiful “and my best years”Old”) has no release date in Bolivia.

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