How are hidden images displayed more than once?

How are hidden images displayed more than once?

developers The WhatsApp Constantly communicate to create new and better tools and mission So that users can get the best user experience.

lately a program Instant messaging has added a functionality that many people have come to expect, which is the ability to send a photo to a contact and have it disappear after viewing it.

So called temporary images can be sent to any chat, even allowing us to use the new tool in group chats without needing any kind of admin permission.

However, since its launch, some people have started to wonder if there is any way to visualize as many times as you want new photos that disappear in The WhatsApp.

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And the answer is yes, if there is a way to achieve this and the best of all is that it is not necessary to resort to any external software for WhatsApp, so our cell phone will be safe.

How do you see disappearing photos on WhatsApp more than once?

The first thing we must do to achieve this trick is not to open the image previously, since doing so would be no way to see it again.

Then we must open WhatsApp Web on the computer and then put our cell phone in airplane mode.

With this trick, we will ensure that our computer and cell phone do not sync up, making it that, even if the legend appears “Offline”, you can still access your chats and files.

The next thing we have to do is open the desired image so that we can see it as many times as we want without the other person knowing that you opened it.

Just remember that the moment WhatsApp Web and your cell phone are resynchronized, the image will be gone.

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