How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 (2021)

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 (2021)
YouTube can be a good source of audio on the Internet. Photographer: Gaby Jones/Bloomberg

Nowadays, the Internet has allowed all people to approach an endless number of new forms of communication, all of them, Based on creating and playing audio, video and image files As a way of telling a story, almost always, in a product with these three forms.

However, there are several occasions where some Internet users have pointed out the importance of being able to “unpack” a file in order to have only one of these two options, thus ignoring the other two; In most cases, The most common process is converting video to audio.

Whether you want to create a podcast based on an audiovisual recording, or simply have the audio as a support for creating another video, converting a video to MP3 (the most widely used audio format) is a task that any internet user has ever needed. the time.

Now, it is no surprise to anyone that in terms of video, YouTube is the most important platform in the world. This page, which is the second social network with the most registered users only after Facebook, has countless registrations for all tastes and all ages, so not many people come to YouTube just in search of a video, But they often hope to get a product from which they are extracting sound to power another project, or simply because they are interested in the sound of this.

For this, you only need to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 audio file, but, how to do that? Infobae brings the solution. It’s all about accessing an online tool that with a few simple steps allows you to get the audio of a YouTube producer in just a few seconds.

1. Copy the link of the YouTube video you want to convert.

2. Access the converter YouTube MP3 ( In any of the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox Opera or from a cell phone with any Android browser).

3. Paste the link or URL in the box marked with a red line and click the button “Ir”.

4. After a few seconds, the video will load on the screen and what you have to do is simply display the menu that will appear on the right and select the MP3 format you want to convert to (MP3 de 64 kbps, MP3 de 128 kbps, MP3 de 192 kbps, MP3 de 256 kbps o MP3 de 320 kbps). It must be remembered that the higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of the downloaded audio. However, if the problem is with the size, it is recommended to lower it at a lower bit rate.

5. After choosing the format and its quality, all that remains is to click the button “converted to“.

6. After a few seconds or minutes (it depends on the length of the video), the video will be converted, and three buttons will appear; Choose the one who saysdownload“.

This will download the MP3 audio file to the specified computer folder.

Now, if you want, you can also use the second button, Which will allow you to simply scan the QR Code that will appear on the screen with your cell phone Thus listening to the converted file from your mobile phone.

Finally, you can also choose the third option with which you can, easily and quickly, Save the audio file to the Dropbox cloud Thus you can get it anywhere that has an internet connection.

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