So you can add Paint and edit photos

So you can add Paint and edit photos

WhatsApp Web It is an extension of the world’s most used mobile instant messaging application. Although it does not have the same tools, it is usually very useful to speed up sending texts to your contacts through your computer.

In addition, you can make group video calls and send hundreds of them records Like videos and documents to name a few; However, there is no function that allows editing photos as in the mobile version. Not officially.

Internet users are given the task of creating an extension google browser Chrome that allows you to modify these files freely using fee directly from the app. In case you are interested, here we tell you how you can add this functionality.

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So you can add Paint to WhatsApp Web

As mentioned before, it is a completely free Chrome extension that allows you to edit your images from the “Whats” web app; These are the steps you have to follow to install it:

  • access to this Link From your computer: It will redirect you to the Chrome page to install the extension
  • When the download is ready, tap on the puzzle piece in the upper right side of the browser
  • Once all your extensions are displayed, fix what you just downloaded: with this you will be able to access it directly

How to use Paint on WhatsApp Web?

  • Enter the desktop application
  • Select any image and right click on it
  • When the menu is displayed, select the option that says “Edit and Share with Paint for WhatsApp Web”
  • A new window will open where a series of tools for modifying the file will appear

With these simple steps, you will be able to remember those times when you used Paint to play with your friends and draw hundreds of things.

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