How to factory reset an Amazon Echo speaker

How to factory reset an Amazon Echo speaker

Take a look at the steps you need to take when setting up and restoring your Alexa speaker to factory condition.

Amazon Alexa speakers can be reset to factory settings. Here we show you how to do that.

Alexa is one of Amazon’s most popular products. One of its strengths is the large number of devices that integrate this assistant. Until the company withdrew Echo is installed in any car, an idea that certainly convinced many. Despite the multiple functions it provides, you may have decided so End your relationship with Alexa and its ecosystem. Or maybe you have Problems with one of your speakers The solution is to reset the device. Either way, what we tell you here will interest you a lot.

In the following paragraphs we will explain what you should do Zero echo speaker from amazon and restore factory settings. We tell you that the steps are really simple and a few minutes are enough to unlink the speaker from your account. You can then sell it or configure it to integrate back into your device pool.

Factory reset Amazon Echo speaker using the physical buttons

The first method that we suggest is the most effective, because it does not depend on any application or website at all. Instead, you just need to have the speaker in front of you to start the reset process. Knowing these steps will be very useful if you are selling the device or if you have purchased it and the seller has not reset it.

How to factory reset an Amazon Echo speaker

The Amazon Echo action button is your ally when it comes to resetting the latest models. 20 seconds is what you need to delete all your data

Restoring your Amazon Echo speaker is as simple as this:

  1. Locate a file start button. It is he who is located at the bottom of the speaker and has a round shape. Don’t confuse it with the microphone mute button.
  2. Click on the action button to 20 seconds.
  3. Wait for the speaker light to turn amber.
  4. The speaker is already in configuration mode.
  5. Open Alexa on your mobile phone to set up the device.

This method is compatible with Echo dot third generation onwards. On other Amazon devices, you may need to tap Volume down and microphone mute buttons for 20 seconds. This other method is an alternative that works on the Echo Studio or the second generation Echo Dot, for example. This is done as shown in the following image:

How to factory reset an Amazon Echo speaker

Other models require replacement kits. This is the case on the Echo Studio, which requires pressing the volume down and microphone off buttons simultaneously

Finally, if your speaker has a screen, like the Echo Dot or Echo Show, the option will be found in the device’s settings, which can be accessed thanks to the touch menus. The above methods also work.

Deregister a speaker with the Alexa mobile app

The other option for Reset the Amazon Echo speaker It is to use the Alexa App Device Manager. All you have to do is go to the section Plusclick ** Settings ** and then click device configuration.

Finally, select the device you want to remove from your account, enter its settings and click unregistered. After confirming the action, the speakerphone will start resetting itself.

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