How Uruguayans play at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest – The Opening – 06/22/2022

Uruguay says present again in Watersports World Cup disputed since June 17 and will continue until Sunday July 3 in Budapest.

Claire Lyon He is by far the most prominent of the celestial delegation that also includes Agustina Medina, Nicole Frank, Michaela Sierra, Martin Melconian, Pedro Chiancon, Maximiliano Bacote and Angela Maizza Cardoso.

De Leon, 19, competed in an audition swimming She was ranked 18th in the technical singles and 22nd in the artistic duo with Augustine Medinabut her best performance was in the free solo, where she was 15th with a score of 77.5333, with only three places remaining from advancing to the battle for medals.

But that was not all because with this performance, Clara was the best of South America, moreover, she was only surpassed in America by two competitors from the United States and Canada in the World Cup event.

on the other side, Peter Chiangun He finished 61st out of 99 in the 51-inch 100-meter freestyle and 61st. He had previously finished 49th out of 61 in the 200-meter freestyle with a time of 1’54” 08, while Martin MelkonianAt his 10th World Cup, he was 38th in the 50m breaststroke with a 28″ 93rd.

Nicole Frank Meanwhile, he finished 28 of 38 in the 200 medley with a time of 2’17” 78 and 32 of 51 in the 100-meter breaststroke with a time of 1’10” 48.

Today you will compete Michaela Sierra In the breaststroke 200 meters and on Friday in the chest swim 50 meters in Maximilian Bacot s Angela Maisa Cardoso They will swim 5 km on June 27 and 10 km on June 29. Bakut will also compete in the 25km distance on June 30.

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