Hugo Perez travels with 24 players to the United States


Hugo Ernesto Pérez, coach of the national team, confirmed that the final list of players who will have to face the three matches of the FIFA window in January against America, Honduras and Canada will be 24 players.

the El Salvador national team She is ready to start her trip on Wednesday to Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, where she will work for six days.

Blue will focus for six days before returning to Columbus, Ohio, the venue for its January 27 qualifier against the United States Homeland at Field.

24 players will travel, the list will be given today, I can only confirm that the previously announced preliminary list of 21 players will not include striker Nelson Bonilla or Joshua Perez.‘, reassured the Creole technician.

In the case of Bonilla, the Port FC striker in the Thai Major League, he announced on social networks that his Covid-19 test was positive, so his presence in these matches in the CONCACAF eight-sided final was ruled out. Although Hugo Perez did. She does not want to apply if he is to be replaced by another foreign player and has also expressed his opinion on whether or not to include Guatemalan defender Etisalat, Alexandre Larrain this week.

An attempt was made to balance the roster and players from the league and those who play outside El Salvador. In the case of Alexandre Larren, arrangements have been made with his club to join the group on Thursday since they won the league on Saturday. If this is not possible, he will travel until Sunday‘, highlighted.

Perez was also unable to confirm whether the friendly match that was announced in preparation for the duel against the United States would take place due to the health issue.

It’s in doubt because of the pandemic problem, we’ll have something clear until we get there, I can’t say if we’ll play, no, we’ll have to wait‘, narrowed.

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