Huila thrives in rural science, technology and innovation projects

Huila thrives in rural science, technology and innovation projects

This was demonstrated by a working table led by Governor Luis Enrique Dusan López, where both Agrosavia and Corhuila University participated, realizing that thanks to the tailoring of efforts, resources of more than $100,000 million were managed for science, technology and innovation projects with the aim of strengthening the agricultural sector.

Neva, March 30, 2022. The Governor of Huila, Luis Enrique Dosan López, chaired an important meeting to follow up on science, technology and innovation projects aimed at strengthening the Huila countryside, in which Agrosavia Corporation CEO Jorge Mario Diaz Longas, and Rector of the University of Corhuela Oscar Eduardo Chavaro Arias participated.

Expression between institutions pays off

During the meeting, the Regional President highlighted the management implemented in front of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, which allowed to secure more than 100,000 million dollars in concession resources, to finance related projects in the agricultural sector, where the interdependence of institutions is expressed. It was bearing fruit.

“In Huila, we have been able to show that we can work with the academy, unions, institutions and the state, we can achieve results; and above all pertinent, it is not a matter of investigating for the sake of investigation, but of really affecting the territory, especially productive activities.”

The governor also referred to the work done by the government of “Huila Crece” to strengthen the agricultural sector in Huila Province which made it possible to develop strategies in this direction, such as the formulation and implementation of a production management plan and the social development of rural property, the organization of production chains, the improvement of infrastructure, the training of human talent, And agricultural extension service, business promotion.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Agrosavia Foundation, Jorge Mario Diaz-Longas, highlighted, in addition to goodwill, the general policies outlined by the Huila government that allow for a more harmonious action in the interest of the agricultural sector. “What facilitates this detailed work is to find a government that is very coherent in the way it organizes its public policies, without a doubt the existence of an administrative plan for agricultural extension is for us an essential link in our mission, in addition to the work that has been done around the Codecti (Administrative Councils for Science and Technology and innovation), and this is essential because one knows that within this coherence of public policy it is allowed to advance in alliances and implement projects in the department”

Agrosavia will have offices in Huila

Thanks to the detailed work led by the government of Huila in alliance with the Academy, the CEO of Agrosavia Corporation announced a more active presence with the implementation of several offices with the aim of meeting this demand for services in the department.

“It was a joint will with Dr. Luis Enrique Dusan López, who has repeatedly expressed to us the need to strengthen Agrosavia’s presence in the province of Huila, and we are convinced that we should have greater coverage, and the detailed work of the researchers with the actors in the province, and that is why we are pleased today To announce that we will strengthen this presence through an alliance with the University of Corhuela, as well as with SENA at the Training Center in La Angostura, and of course with Universidad Surcolombiana in Palermo with which we have signed an agreement.”

Currently, this entity dedicated to research through science, technology and innovation projects, which focuses on technical change to improve productivity and competitiveness of agriculture, has a presence in the Huila Department with about 20 officials among technicians and professionals. It is estimated that the first physical Huilenses service office will be located at La Angostura Training Center during the month of July.

The academy is committed to relevant research

For his part, the President of the University of Corhuela, Oscar Eduardo Chavaro Arias, highlighted the teamwork developed in the Huila Department, which was essential for the development of research projects.

“Corhuila, in the framework of this work of inter-institutional communication, is developing an affinity with Agrosavia, a work that has been carried out for more than a year with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Mining of the Province of Huila, within the framework of meeting the needs of the regional demands of the department.”

He also stressed that this study house has advanced in a work aimed at the appropriate training that contributes to the advancement of the agricultural sector.

“Effectively, the detailed work in the province of Huila with identification of needs in sector tables, technical secretaries of the chain, and participation of institutions, allowed us to identify those needs for the drafting of projects presented today and that the department clearly shows significant progress not only in drafting but also in approving projects from the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund. But I think the most important thing is that all projects meet the needs that arise from those discussions at sectoral tables and are reflected in these production chains,” said the chair of this study house.

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