If you don't sleep, the next day you feel frustrated and anxious: Study

If you don't sleep, the next day you feel frustrated and anxious: Study

Issued by the American Psychological Association (APA). Dimensional analysis -One of the highest levels of accuracy in scientific research – as it addresses sleep loss and its relationship to emotions such as Anxiety or haste. Sorrow; Or anger.

The work compared 154 experimental studies published over a 50-year period on the effect of lack of sleep on mood.

In total they identified 1,338 Side effects Because of sleep problems, they summarized in the experiments that “all forms of sleep loss resulted in decreased positive affect (good mood), increased symptoms of anxiety and sudden euphoria (such as tantrums) in response to emotional stimuli.”

That is, not sleeping can cause problems the next day, such as “BassoonMood, reluctance to do the day's activities, and signs anxiety And even moments Anger, anger, or shock.

The accumulation of lack of sleep also generates new health problems, such as rapid eye movement, subsequent sleep problems, and others.

Spanish Professor Gorka Orife, a pharmacologist who specializes in treating Alzheimer's patients, published the study on Twitter, and stated that “sleep deprivation or lack of sleep leads to emotional changes the next day, such as a decrease in positive mood and an increase in mood.” Anxiety levels. In the long term, the biggest affected is mental health.

This study focused on the emotional sphere, but multiple investigations point to a range of other serious problems, such as heart disease or neurological problems.

to sleep well They recommend stopping looking at screens an hour before bed, avoiding late-night stimulants like coffee, eating a balanced diet, getting daily physical activity (running, walking) and living an overall healthy life. For serious or persistent problems, consult your doctor.

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