If you reach this limit, you will no longer be able to use your Microsoft account

If you reach this limit, you will no longer be able to use your Microsoft account

When we create an account in Microsoft, Google and Apple, to name the best known companies that force us to jump through hoops if we want to use their servicesThis is the gateway to access your ecosystem of products and services. While Apple and Google allow us to associate their accounts with an unlimited number of devices, the same does not happen with Microsoft and if you reach that limit, you will not be able to continue using the account.

You won’t be able to continue using the account unless you unlink the devices you’ve stopped using, as long as we don’t all use them every day. Microsoft allows us to associate a Microsoft account with a large number of devices, without any limit on the use of Windows, however, it limits the maximum number of computers that we can use Access the Microsoft StoreWindows built-in App Store.

The maximum number of devices associated with the same account that can access the account Microsoft Store It is 10. If we use our account on a new device, as long as we do not access the Microsoft Store, we will not have any problem, however, we will always end up using it, even if it is to update system applications, the process that we will not have any problem if we have 10 linked devices Already.

But, if we want to install new applications on the computer, it will be necessary to unlink the devices that we have stopped using if we want to have full access to the Microsoft Store.

Unlink computers associated with your Microsoft account

If we want to know how many devices we have associated with our Microsoft account, and which devices have access to the Microsoft Store, we have to access the following Linkusing our user account data. This page displays all computers that we have previously used with our account to access the Microsoft Store.

Limit Windows devices

Windows uses a device name management system that only it understands, so the only reference we can have is to determine which computer it’s using, the date it was first bound and the button clicked Disengagement. If we have problems accessing a device because the maximum number of devices has been reached, once we unlink old equipment or ones we no longer use, we can access them again.

Why this limit?

When video streaming platforms started to become popular, the device max that can be used to access the platform. If this limit is reached, we previously had to unpair the devices. Currently, this process is automated, and as new devices are added, the oldest devices are removed without the need for anything to be done on our part.

The reason why Microsoft has limited Microsoft Store access to only 10 devices is very similar. From the Windows App Store, we can buy and rent series, movies, series and movies that run from the application. By limiting the maximum number of devices that can be paired, you limit your users’ chances of this Share your accounts To be able to watch the purchased or rented movie, every one at home, without any limits.

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