Illness and search for his mother until a new trailer


Luis Miguel, the series has a new advance. Netflix premiered on Monday, March 22, as a trailer for its second season Unpublished photos have been revealed and are part of what will appear in this episode: A fight, the singer’s meeting with his daughter, betrayal, hearing problems and the search for his mother.

In the second season of Luis Miguel, the series, which will consist of eight episodes, will be narrated in two time frames: El Sol’s global fame as an idol of Latin American pop, as it seeks to balance the demands of his tense family life. And his relationship with his girlfriend Erika (Camila Sodi).

In the video, which lasted more than two minutes, Diego Bonita is seen giving life to Luis Miguel. First, in Mexico City in 1992 and his trip to the United States. Then, in 2005, when he began to suffer from hearing problems and continued to search for his mother: “Where is my mother?” It’s an open question.

The clip also shows the family conflicts he is facing and his reunion with his daughter Michelle (Macarena Ashaga) who complains about not seeing her for over a decade.

When does the premiere of the series Luis Miguel begin?

The expected premiere of Luis Miguel will be next Sunday, April 18 at 7:00 pm, via Netflix.


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