In April, the first Women’s Polo World Cup will be held in Buenos Aires

In April, the first Women’s Polo World Cup will be held in Buenos Aires
Azucena Oranga, daughter of Delphine, one of the players of the Argentine national team (Princea Polo)

A milestone will be marked at the polo game on April 9th ​​when The first Women’s World Cup Under the tutelage of the International Polo Federation. The tournament will be held between the 9th and 16th of next month at the Argentine Polo Stadium and will be attended by six teams. Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. There will be two groups of three teams where they will play against everyone, then the first group from each region will face a semi-final with the second group from the other to get the finalists.

In 1987 under the presidency Don Marcos Oranga The 14-goal Men’s World Cup organized by the Fédération Internationale de Polo (FIP) was held for the first time. The first version was also played in our country and the champion was Argentina, today the first winner of the tournament, with 5 titles. The members of that team that won the first cup are Diego Dodero, Martin Vido, Esteban Panelo and Bautista Hegue.

After 35 years, and with Oranga Dolphin (son of Marcos) the leader of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), the women’s polo game that is growing by leaps and bounds around the world, will be a milestone in history. The tournament will help visualize players from all over the world who have achieved significant growth in recent years.

Paulina Fasquito, the young woman from Córdoba who will be in the Argentina national team
Paulina Fasquito, the young woman from Córdoba who will be in the Argentina national team

Delvin Oranga, President (AAP), explained what the event would be like: “During the week of the Women’s Polo World Cup, the idea is for the Argentine stadium in Palermo to be a place for women. Several women who have been pioneers in their sport or activities, such as Gabriela Sabatini, Luciana Aymar and Paola Barreto, will be invited to the tournament and a gastronomic tour that will be led by Narda Lips and will present Waiter Ines de los Santos”.

On the level of Argentine polo players, Oranga said: “Argentinian polo is growing. Other countries, such as the UK or the US, are older in terms of women’s polo, we are newer but we are growing a lot. There are good leagues and more and more girls are coming to participate in the sport. Unlike men’s polo, no Women’s polo is still played more amateurishly, and it’s not just about the clubs as it is about the girls who come together to play and the teams are grouped together according to the level of participants. The players have a different handicap, the global handicap in which they compete with men and another separate handicap that’s just for women.” Delphine is the father of Azucena, one of the members of the Argentine team that will represent us at the World Cup.

Agustina Imaz, Olavarense who will play for Argentina
Agustina Imaz, Olavarense who will play for Argentina

The Argentine national team will be formed with:

Paulina Fasquito 1, Agustina Emaze 4, Azucina Oranga 5 and Fatma Balzano 6. Total: 16.

United State: Audrey Bersano 5, Erica Jonome Carr 5, Lillian LaCourica 3 and Geena Davis 3. Total: 16.

United kingdom: Fran Townsend 1, Millie Hughes 3, Heloise Wilson Smith 6, Emma Tomlinson 6. Total: 16.

Ireland: Caroline Keeling 1, Siobhan Herbst, April 4, Kent 4, Ines Lalor 7. Total: 15.

Brazil: Eduarda Villala, Rosa Engler 3, Ana Claudia Marinho 3, Alice Hope Meirelles 3, Lucia Junqueira de Plessis 3. Total: 12.

Italia: Ginevra Camila Visconti 1, Alice Correa 3, Maria Vittoria Marchorello 3 and Camila Rossi 5. Total: 12.

the television

The nine matches of the competition will be broadcast live on ESPN and Star Plus for Latin America; Whereas in the rest of the world they will be able to access meetings through streaming, through the official platform of the AAP:

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