In Argentina, “Cat Man” was expelled from his trial for not stopping meowing


in a city Mendoza, ArgentinaAnd An Israeli trial has been set “Cat Man“Because he did not heed the judge’s directions, so he started to do so molar inside facilities Court from the beginning of the session.

The 40-year-old man who has been identified as Nicholas Gilles Berig, accused of killing his mother and aunt in the city of Mendoza in 2019. In a video circulated on social media, it was noted how Judge Laura Guajardo asks the detainee some questions; However, the man He didn’t answer and just kept watering.

“Well, Mister Gilles Berrig, before entering the jury, I warned you that if you wanted to remain in the courtroom, you should do so in silence, respect and decency. Your identity card, Mister Gilles Berrig is… Mr. Gilles Berrigg, enough… Please… Move her and let her stay in the room and listen to everything that happens….”

The judge ordered.

The judge had previously warned him not to behave tactfully and to remain silent; However, the defendant did not respond to questions and continued to meow.

What do you know about the “cat man” crimes?

The Catman did not answer the judge’s question and did not stop meowing. Photo: screenshot / Reuters

Gilles Berrig He is a former Israeli soldier and electronics engineer 40 years ago, I arrived Argentina In 2009 he opened a restaurant in the city of Mendoza. His mother, Veria Sarrosi, and his aunt Lily Berig visited him in Mendoza on January 12, 2019.

The security forces found the mutilated bodies of the two women in Berig’s house January 26, 2019, covered in dirt and stones.

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