In Dubai, several people were arrested for filming a video with women without clothes on a balcony

Detained in Dubai are accused of immorality. Photo: AFP | Illustrative

A group of people were arrested in Dubai after posting a video showing them naked on the balcony of a city building in Los Angeles. UAE United Arab.

And local media reported that the detainees were charged with immorality, as indicated by the Public Decency Law in the Islamic Republic The United Arab Emirates.

Photos inflicted on her Violation of the Public Decency Law It is applied in Dubai It began to spread in Social media On the balcony you can see several completely naked women Full daylight.

The women stood while photographed in A. The upscale Dubai neighborhood. Filming quickly spread and caused an annoyance in the authorities That held several included Who referred to it Immorality.

Via Official Twitter account The Dubai Police He announced the arrest of persons for participating in the recording, which he described as a ‘Inappropriate video’

“Dubai Police # has arrested a group of people who appeared in an inappropriate video that was shared on the Internet.”

In the statement Dubai Security Department He pointed out that these measures are not part of the values ​​that govern the population of a city The United Arab Emirates.

“Such unacceptable behavior does not reflect the values ​​and morals of the Emirati society,”


What will happen to detainees in Dubai?

According to the department Dubai Police , The The crime of debauchery Besides indecent behavior is punishable by imprisonment of up to six months plus Fines This amount 360 thousand dollars.

In addition, the same statement highlights that the exchange Pornographic materials It is punishable by imprisonment and higher fines.

Dubai punishes those who Sing or openly engage in vulgar talk, and anyone who openly seduces others in any way In addition to which citizens have been imprisoned for making comments online Post the video.

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