In the United States, a girl missing since 2019 was found alive in New York


Saugerties, New York /

A girl was found missing alive in 2019 Hidden under a ladder by home search officers in New York’s Hudson Valley, police said Tuesday.

the little girl He was found in good health Monday night at a Saugerties home 130 miles (210 kilometers) east of Cayuga Heights, She was reported missing in July 2019, when she was 4 years oldaccording to Saugerties Police.

thePolice said they initially suspected her parents had kidnapped her out of custody. On February 14 at 8:06 p.m., New York State Police investigators entered the house and searched it.

After a little more than an hour of searching, The police found the girl inside a small makeshift room under a closed staircase. Police said the homeowner, whose identity was not immediately released, has denied seeing the girl since she went missing in 2019.

Officers executing a search warrant found the girl hiding in a cold, damp makeshift container under a basement staircase. Investigators believe the girl was kidnapped by her non-custodial parents, Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Schultz Jr.

Detective Eric Thiel had remarked that the wooden steps were “weird, something out of place”. He used a flashlight to shine a light through a crevice between the steps and saw what he thought was a blanket.

“When examining the ladder, the structure appeared solid. However, the investigators used a tool (claw rod) to remove several wooden steps, and that is when the investigators saw a pair of small feet,” according to the statement.

Police said they were able to see the girl’s feet at first after removing some wooden stairs. Paramedics found the girl in good health. She was handed over to her legal guardian and met her older sister.

The non-custodial parents and a third person were charged with interfering with custody and endangering the welfare of a minor. It was not possible to determine whether any of them had lawyers to represent them.


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