Internal medicine studies drop by up to 79% in Tabasco Hospitals – El Heraldo de Tabasco

Internal medicine studies drop by up to 79% in Tabasco Hospitals – El Heraldo de Tabasco

From 2015 to 2022, 2538 PSA studies were carried out in Tabasco; The study, which was conducted only in nine public hospitals in the entity, has moved from more to less in recent years, a situation similar to what happens with ultrasound to detect diseases and for pregnant women alike.

Information from the Ministry of Health shows, on the one hand, that the number of PSA tests has varied over the years, increasing from 121 studies conducted in 2015 to 600 tests conducted in 2019; However, this number decreased in 2020 and 2021, and as of the first half of December 2022, the number reached 399.

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The report delivered to this editorial office shows that these tests are only carried out in community hospitals in the municipalities of Jalapa, Jalpa de Mendez, Nakajuka, Tacotalpa and Tenosec; and in the general hospitals of Comalcalco, Huimanguillo, Paraíso and Villa Benito Juárez.

The largest number of PSA studies were performed at the General Hospital of Villa Benito Juarez, with 552 tests performed in the last eight years, followed by 535 tests performed at Galpa de Mendez Community Hospital and 314 tests discharged at the General Hospital of Comalco during the same time period. While at Tacotalpa Community Hospital, only 71 studies of this type have been conducted, of which 45 were conducted in 2016 and 26 in 2019; As for the rest of the years, no antigen tests were performed.

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In mid-November, the Ministry of Health launched a campaign to invite men between the ages of 45 and 75 to take a PSA test. The unit set itself the goal of running a thousand tests; However, the agency’s data shows that it only reached 40 percent of the target group. Only 399 males were nominated for antigen testing for certain cytogenetic abnormalities.

In the case of the government agency campaign submission, 500 people in the entity were declared dead from prostate cancer, which could be detected by antigen testing; However, the number of tests performed has decreased over the years.

Ultrasounds are also down in six hospitals

For its part, in the same period of time, that is, from 2015 to 2022, the number of ultrasounds that are performed to monitor pregnant women and diagnose diseases decreased, in six of the state’s general hospitals, while in three hospitals in addition to equipment. To conduct such studies do not work.

A report by the Tabasco State Secretary of Health delivered to El Heraldo de Tabasco via Transparency showed, on the one hand, that the number of internal images used to diagnose certain diseases and monitor newborns has decreased in six of the state’s public hospitals.

Such is the case for the General Hospital of Cárdenas, which, after conducting 3,256 ultrasound studies in 2018, dipped to 1,899 such studies in 2021; As of November 2022, this medical unit in La Chontalpa has reported 918 ultrasounds performed.

The other case that draws attention is the Hospital de Alta Especialidad de la Mujer, which, after carrying out 8,000 ultrasound studies in 2021, by the eleventh month of 2022, has reported 1,649 such studies. This same pattern is being repeated at the health center with expanded services in the native region of Yukotan, which, after conducting 2,094 studies in 2021, as of November of the year that ended last weekend, reported only 629 ultrasound examinations. It’s not the only unit of this type that has had ultrasound drops. The situation is repeated in the case of Villa Vicente Guerrero.

At Emiliano Zapata General Hospital, these studies were counted up to 3,322 in 2019; By November 2022, they had reached 1,219, and Villa La Venta Community Hospital reported 2,798 ultrasound examinations in 2022; In previous years he did not report anything, despite the fact that since 2017 he has had two ultrasounds.

The Ministry of Health report handed over to this Liberation House also shows that in three hospitals run by the state government, the ultrasound equipment that is currently available is not working.

One of them is Centla Community Hospital, where neither of its two ultrasound machines works; The same situation occurs with the three teams at Junota Community Hospital and the two machines at Villa Benito Juarez General Hospital.

The issue of health remains one of the major outstanding issues for state and federal governments, which has prompted the President of Mexico to declare that if circumstances do not change, he will change his name, without saying what name he would like it to be. called in the future.

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