This is the correct way to sanitize grapes according to science – Enseñame de Ciencia

This is the correct way to sanitize grapes according to science – Enseñame de Ciencia
Properly sterilize the grapes.

Grapes are one of the favorite fruits of many people, but they belong to the group that must be washed properly or you may get sick. Unfortunately, this step is often omitted or not done correctly. Pay attention, because below I will tell you how to clean grapes in a simple and correct way.

These fruits belong to the select list of products which must be washed due to the high levels of pesticides they contain, especially since they are commercial products. Therefore, it is essential to remove as much of the pesticide products that remain on them as possible. Some think the white coating often found on grapes is caused by pesticide residue, but it’s actually called efflorescence, a waxy coating made up mostly of acid. oleanolicProduced by the plant to protect the grapes.

Use cold water

It is preferable to wash the grapes with cold water. To do it right, we recommend putting them in a colander to make the process easier, or you can do it while holding them in your hands. Try removing bruised or cut grapes in half. Then let it rinse for 30 seconds to clean it properly. Finally, you will have to drain well to drain all the water and damage the grapes.

Wash just before eating

It is important that you avoid washing the grapes before putting them in the fridge, because it is possible that when you go to store them, you decide to wash them to avoid doing it later and save time or have them ready from scratch, but this is wrong because in this way you can speed up their deterioration because excess moisture is not suitable for this fruit. We recommend washing them just before consuming them and draining them well to avoid any kind of damage.

How to properly store grapes

Now that you know how you can sanitize grapes the right way, it is also appropriate to know how to store them properly to avoid spoilage. for this site from master class It makes the following recommendations:

Buy them as fresh as possibleWhile shopping, try to pick up a box, bunch, or bag of grapes that look firm and lively in their original packaging. Choosing your grapes carefully will give you an advantage in keeping them fresh.

Store in a cool placeAvoid storing grapes at room temperature unless you are serving them on the day of purchase. If you plan to serve the grapes within a week, put the pile in the back of the refrigerator or inside a container with a higher humidity (away from fruits and vegetables that require less moisture). To store the fruit for a longer period, placing it in the freezer at about 32 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal.

Choose the right container: Storing grapes in an airtight container or plastic bag is not ideal for preserving freshness as it prevents circulation. Consider keeping the grapes in their original, well-ventilated packaging with some space between them and direct airflow.

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