iPhone: Quick Guide to Officially Install iOS 16.4.1 | Play DEPOR

iPhone: Quick Guide to Officially Install iOS 16.4.1 |  Play DEPOR

With the arrival of iOS 16.4 in iPhoneMany users are enjoying its new features such as sound isolation during calls, more emojis for WhatsApp and other messaging apps, push notifications from Safari sites, and more. Despite these benefits, delivery has also caused some errors.

The most common problems are related to battery life and mobile overheating, the Weather app did not show the weather in certain places, it constantly set the WiFi password, among other things.

As a result, Apple has just released a new update to improve these bugs found, iOS 16.4.1 which can now be downloaded and installed on iPhone in moments. Here we explain what are the steps to follow.

How to install iOS 16.4.1 on iPhone

Today iOS 16.4.1 finally arrived for iPhone, which is to correct the bugs in iOS 16.4. Here’s how to update to this patch.

  • From your iPhone, enter the Settings option.
  • Among the options, select “General”.
  • Enter the Software Update section which will show you the download version you still need to complete.
  • Click on “Download”, then “Install”.
  • The Apple logo will appear on your iPhone with a black background.
  • Finally, you will already have iOS 16.4.1. With all the improvements.

Hidden news in iOS 16.4: iPhone

  • Clearer calls: From now on, you can choose the connection mode on your iPhone. You can even specify if these are more stable and that the noise around you is not heard.
  • Access to the trial version: With Software Update, you can now experience the following operating systems in a simple way.
  • Optimization against connectors: The device will also react quickly in the event of a malfunction.
  • New emoji: If you enter WhatsApp or any typing app, you will notice that up to 21 new icons have been added.

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