‘Iranian structure’ trains to fight against mixed martial arts fighter Martin Ford ‘breaking through’ concrete walls with his fists (video)



November 10, 2021 16:41 GMT

The British fighter mocked this training style and promised to “crush” the Iranian in the first round.

Bodybuilder Sajid Al-Gharibi, better known by the nickname “Iranian Hulk,” has shared photos of his bizarre boxing fight training against British actor and mixed martial arts fighter Martin Ford.

“Yes, This is personal“, books Al-Gharibi on Tuesday posted on his Instagram account along with a video clip showing, among other things, bowing with his hands. steel tool, smashing a watermelon and ‘punching’ a concrete wall with his fists.

The 29-year-old ‘Iranian Hulk’ and Ford’ They will meet each other on April 2 2022 in London. Al-Gharibi asserts that “different circumstances do not matter” because “never give upTwice Ford, 39 years old, Weigh 130 kilos, 2.10 meters long. For his part, the Iranian weighs 176 kg and is 1.88 meters tall.

The British fighter has make fun of them of your opponent’s next training methods and a promise “Crush it” in the first round. “It would be a real massacresaid Ford, who I promise the fight will surprise everyone recognize which is going to be ‘unfair’ match Because he is a professional wrestler.

however, clearer He didn’t want to participate in that duel, but that He saw himself forced Accept it after the stranger said things about him that “can’t be taken back”.

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