Is it okay to restart the mobile and how often do you do it?

Is it okay to restart the mobile and how often do you do it?
While it does not cause any harm to the phone, restarting the phone does not solve the problems either. | Photo: Getty Images.

common practice among users mobile phones he is Restart mobile phones to improve its performanceBut is it true how often should this be done? And what happens if it is done repeatedly?

Is it necessary to restart mobile phones or not?

No, it is not necessary to restart mobile phones Because solving a device problem does not depend on the device itself. Reset From this, says the technology site Xatakaalthough it indicates that he can solve it temporarily.

“Using a restart to fix a problem caused by another reason is only a temporary solution.”

And it is, as he points out.Restarting can solve the misunderstanding immediately between two specific applications, But not the central problem of the application”since then anyway The solution is not a reboot but a reinstall.

According to the site, Restarting the phone will also not solve the problems of excessive power consumptionbut on the contrary, because if the application consumes a lot of battery, the problem is in its design, so restarting will only lead to phone Spend more extra power by “running” all systems and background apps again.

This is because in Mobile phones, all apps are active in the background unless they are restricted, so they will stay It consumes system resources, after rebooting it will reopen and everything will start over.

What would happen if this practice was affected?

However, the platform highlights that although restarting does not cause boot errors on the phone, existing operating systems are actually responsible for loading and unloading RAM with the applications they need, And also with different parts of the system, so it is not necessary to voluntarily restart the phones.

Also in the case of smartphones Androidwhich is frequently supplied with security updates and new patches from The Google, Simply installing these will restart the phones automatically.

Despite this, the site notes that Resetting the mobile phone every two to three weeks is harmless It can help you operate more smoothly.

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