It is inhumane for the government to admit the shortage of medicine: Deputy – Sol de Orizaba


Orizaba, Ver.- Federal Representative Mariecarmen Escudero FabreI confirm it The necessary resources must be provided to the health sector For the welfare of Mexican families.

It is unfortunate, immoral and inhuman that after 1010 days, the shortage of medicines has been recognized, and despite this, priority is still given only to the construction of pharaonic projects

His position in the reserves on the budget that he took to the podium is very clear, “We must provide the necessary resources for the health sector,” compressed. stressed that An effective government is necessary to combat the vulnerability of families and the risk of falling into a state of povertyHe added that it was due to poor decisions of the current administration.

He pointed out that the childcare program and the children of working mothers have been ignored by the president, who prefers creating more misery over people’s chances of getting out of poverty in which they live.

comment on it There are over 42 million people who have been relegated by Lopez Obrador, simply because of the fact that they are not eligible to vote.

The healthcare program is of vital importance, but the government is systematically violating constitutional rights and not guaranteeing the right to health for those who need it most today. It turns out that Lopez Obrador is unable to meet the country’s needs such as health; So much so that you have already kissed him, what are you waiting to get to know, Your owner has already given you permission, stop being insensitive to the people of Mexico.”, is detailed.

He explained that it is unfortunate, immoral and inhumane that after 1110 days the shortage of medicines is recognized and despite that Continuing to give priority only to building Pharaonic projects whose cost exceeds 700 billion pesos, It can be invested in the health or well-being of the country’s families.

It is a shame that the government is bragging about politics welfare in international forums, while alienating its citizens to the utmost degree of abandonment; It is necessary to prioritize the well-being and health of the family, the Mexicans do not accept that they continue to give us health with mites, ” Concluded Federal Rep.

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