It runs for 2 hours and it’s a hit: The Most Expensive Movie on Netflix Is All the Rage

Netflix It has a very captivating movie for movie lovers. Broadcasting company to watch Series and movies in its catalog red alert (red noticein the United States), movie that It lasts two hours and is the most expensive production in the platform’s history: Cost more than 200 million dollars.

from a kind of a jobAnd the suspense s comedyThe big movie Released in 2021, written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Meanwhile, it is performed by such great stars as Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonAnd the Ryan Reynolds s Gal Gadot. Also, the cast consists of other actors like Ritu AriaAnd the Chris DiamantopoulosAnd the Evan MbakobAnd the Vincenzo Amato, among other things. remarkably It is suitable for people over 16 years old.

What is Red Alert, the most watched movie on Netflix

According to what was stated by the authorities NetflixAnd the red alert (red noticein the United States) It contains the following summary: Reluctantly, an FBI profile analyst teams up with the world’s most wanted technical thief to catch a criminal who always manages to stay one step ahead..

As stated by critics IMDBOne of the most important places in the world of cinema and entertainment, red alert 6.3 Approval points (More than 266,000 people voted), so it can be said that it is entertaining to watch.

Red Alert, a movie that cost Netflix a fortune and was a hit.

The trailer for the trailer for Red Alert, the must-see movie on Netflix is ​​all the rage

Criticism of Red Alert, the blockbuster Netflix movie

Netflix has canceled a major series on its streaming platform

Netflix You have bad news for your subscribers. Despite being one of the most watched series on the platform, This is a Spanish production He has no continuity plans and As of now, there will be no second season to please their fans.

with 3 . antenna As a responsible producer, from the Spanish entity they made it clear Sunrise He has no immediate future second seasonfor this reason Netflix It would have no way to publish the sequel to this story that has attracted the majority of Spanish-speaking subscribers.

Currently, Sunrise Featuring 13 episodes of the first (and only) season in Netflix. It premiered on the streaming platform on July 15 and was an absolute success. The plot puts the youth Sunrise Waking up on the beach and discovering that she has been sexually assaulted by a group of men after a party.

league Sunrise Performed by Elena Rivera, Eric Masip, Alvaro RicoAnd Pol Hermoso, Jason Fernández, Miquel Fernández, Bea Segura, Antonio Gil, Candela Cruz and other great actors. It’s undoubtedly a Netflix success, but it’s clearly not going to last, much to the disappointment of his fans..

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