It scares how insignificant we are

It scares how insignificant we are

Scientists have produced a map so detailed and comprehensive that it left us in awe.

‘you are here’. This is the phrase at the bottom of the file map of the universeCreated by Brice Menard and Nikita Shtarkman from Johns Hopkins Universityand that Remember us Two things: is Incredibly huge this is the universe and the We are infinitely small we. It is difficult to describe where we are on this map, we already expect that we are a small point, and much more to explain the cosmic perspective of the image. If you think that He travels in spacewith Animals as heroes in cosmic journeys on several occasionsCovered long distanceCurrently It seems to be shrinking to a minimum of expression.

The map of the visible universe is so large that it is impossible to publish it in its entirety

The map of the visible universe is so large that it is impossible to publish it in its entirety. map of the universe

Navigating the vastness of the universe is possible, but you will end up realizing our insignificance

The a mapas is perfectly evident in the tweet that we show you below these lines, is a a sample from one part of the universe. They are late 15 years of observation At night, through a telescope located in New Mexico, to complete it, but finally we can see Our location is at the lowest point and about 200,000 galaxies Until we meet the limit that can be seen at the end of the map. As explained by those responsible for its creation, The map is really a dotted ballwhich would be impossible to represent clearly It was decided to show part of it in two dimensions.

Believe it or not Every little point on the map is a galaxyWith millions of stars and planets inside. We are drifting away From our vantage point, these galaxies are hard to catch a glimpse of, so the The map point density is lower. The Colors measured representative The distance to the galaxies from our location, where blue denotes close objects, yellow denotes objects at a medium distance, and red denotes distant galaxies. You will see that The pattern eventually repeats itself From the map, that’s because Quasars are represented herethose very distant, luminous, and heavy galaxies.

The end of the mapas if it is a boundary, it is nothing more than The first radiation emitted After the famous Big Bang, which happened nearby 13.7 billion years ago. Nowadays, radiation cannot be observed as a source of light, but as radio waves, in what is known as microwave background radiation. This is the The end of the visible universe. Everything that exists outside our planet has not yet reached our planet and we cannot observe it at the moment. Put more simply, it is something older than the universe itself.

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