Jan Macel saves Olympia undefeated by Communications on his US tour

Jan Macel saves Olympia undefeated by Communications on his US tour

Olympia Keeping up with the line of invitations in the last stage of his tour United State. This Friday tied 1-1 against Communications From Guatemala, Brazil Yam Masel Dressed as a New Jersey hero.

The fencing has witnessed a Buffenere Stadium Full of Honduran and Guatemalan fans who gave color to the Central American game.

The game started with an exciting back-and-forth as both teams showed that this game was more than just a friendly game for them.

The first approximations were from Merengues on the occasion Jerry Bengtson, Jorge Alvarez, and Michelle ChirinosBut they didn’t look accurate and everything disappeared.

The people who really achieved were Albos de Guatemala, who managed in the 45th minute to play on the left flank with a precise center that precisely connects the wing. Oscar Santis With a soft touch to the inner edge of his right foot he made the score 1-0. Menjivar froze on the balcony.

– sequel –

Before the start of the second half, the match organizers presented a tribute to the captains of the two clubs, Jerry Bengtson and Jose “Moyo” Contreras.

Back to Actions Olympia He started more aggressively in his opponent’s area.

at 52 inches, Bengtsun Put the tie to the eggs after a center-shot Michael Chirinos; But despite the fans celebrating the goal, it did not count because the striker was in a prohibited position.

Los Melinodos did not lower their arms and continued to try until the 64th minute and the equalizer came as a reward for persistence, and the Brazilian reinforcement, Jan MacelHe was the goal engineer (the third for him in pre-season).

The match continued with the same dynamic and the coaches moved their seats to update their teams but the result did not move again.

The meringues and creams meet again on Sunday 17th in North Carolina at 3:00 p.m. Honduran time to close out their journey through North American territory.

Olympia is undefeated on his US tour after four matches. He beat a team from Savannah (2-0) and the municipality of Guatemala (1-0, 1-2).

Olympia squad: Edric Menjivar, Jamir Maldonado, Brian Bekeles, Jose Garcia, Carlos Sanchez, Carlos Pineda, Jorge Alvarez; Jose Mario Pinto, Michael Sherinos and Jerry Bengtson

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