CB Zamora coach Aitor Landers and Vespa bring badminton closer to 500 children in Uganda

Badminton is the rage in Kikaya, a neighborhood of Kampala, the Ugandan capital. At this location, CB Zamora technician Aitor Llandres does one month volunteer work with the NGO Babies Uganda. Llandres traveled with badminton equipment donated by the Spanish Badminton Federation to bring the sport closer to around 500 young people in the region, with Ugandan children showing a great deal of solidarity. These items will be donated to the children of Uganda once volunteering at Llandres has ended so that badminton practice can continue once Llandres has finished volunteering.

Ugandan children, they came to Kikaya 10 years ago. Since then, she has built an orphanage where they currently provide a decent life for 27 children, as well as work for their helpers. It also built a school with 500 students from the area, as well as a medical center.

With these 500 students, Llandres worked with them during the volunteer month with Babies Uganda, with the goal of each having their first contact with badminton. Activities are carried out in groups of 20-25 schoolchildren, but Llandres is also training the District Sports Director so that the sport will continue to be practiced in the future.

We would like to convey our congratulations from the Federation to Aitor Landers and the Ugandan Children NGO for the wonderful work of solidarity they are doing to improve the food, education and health situation in a very poor area.

Uganda Children’s Website.

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