Luis Suarez’s criticism of a football legend who refused his arrival after taking over as coach in the United States: ‘I want hungry players’

Luis Suarez’s criticism of a football legend who refused his arrival after taking over as coach in the United States: ‘I want hungry players’
Luis Suarez’s future is uncertain (Reuters / Susana Vera)

Thanks to his goals, Luis Suarez He knew how to be considered one of the best strikers in the world in the last decade. After his departure from Barcelona, ​​the Uruguayan striker joined Atlético Madrid, the club in which he won the La Liga title, but after two years he will no longer be in Diego Simeone’s team.

Nowadays, fight Still looking for a team in Europe To join the new season. After getting close River PlateThe future of the striker, who will play the next World Cup with Uruguay, is uncertain. There are several rumors that put him in football in the United States but One of the new coaches who arrived in the Major League Soccer has categorically ruled out the possibility of Suarez’s arrival for your team.

Wayne Rooneythe English football legend, as the new team manager DC United, a team where the former striker played two years in American football. And when asked in his presentation about the possibility of the arrival of the Uruguayan, who knew how to wear the Manchester United shirt, he was frank. “I respect Suarez. He’s a great player, but I want hungry players.”.

“I want players who arrive hungry, who want to come to this club, they have a lot to offer me and are able to play in every game and go to every training session.”which came from directing the last two campaigns in Derby County in ChampionshipEnglish Football League Second Division.

Rooney joins DC United (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)
Rooney joins DC United (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Rooney added in his analysis of the possible reinforcements that will join one of the famous franchises of football League in the United States of America.

Remember that after playing 45 games last season, during which he scored 13 goals and made 3 assistsSuarez underwent treatment on one of his knees to improve his physical condition before the World Cup, which begins at the end of November.

When it looked like he was destined to don the millionaire’s shirt, River Plate’s elimination from the Copa Libertadores nullified Pistolero’s chance of reaching the Nunez neighborhood. “For a sporting cause, for competition, because the Libertadores motivates me. There were a lot of expectations with this prospect. When the river is dumped, the probability decreases“.

In view of this, he explained that if the millionaire eliminated Velez, his arrival in Argentina was practically a fact: “There was a prior agreement, because it was not an economic issue, on the contrary. It was a sporting impulse and access to the World Cup was in Good condition seduced me.” And he was judged: “There was nothing that tempted me more than playing at River”.

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