The place in Florida, USA, where sports are the real champions | BLU . crossing

The place in Florida, USA, where sports are the real champions |  BLU . crossing

This Saturday, July 16, Consuelo Sanchez, Director of Tourist Development at Florida Coast Sports, contacted Blue Crossing To talk about this place where sports are the champions.

We are the sports coast of Florida, Here you can find everything that is sports activities, the perfect place for adventurers, you can train from skydiving to kayaking, or people who love fishing, or those who love cycling, This is one of the few places in Florida where people can enjoy the rolling hills. We also have sports complexes where we have hockey and volleyball competitions, It’s pretty big places compared to other places in the Tampa area,” Sanchez said.

Plus, age isn’t a limitation there, since Most people can enjoy the activities on offer.

From 5 years Kids can now safely practice dangerous sports, and people up to the age of 90 They can skydive, age is no limit ”, commented.

On the other hand, this place has the first huge swimming pool built in the United States, Eberson Lagoon, located in the Wesley Chapel on the Sports Coast of Florida In which you can practice many activities, in addition to sports.

“Here people can enjoy an artificial beach, they can jump from a water slide more than nine meters high. There is live music with a wet bar, Where people can sit to take their photo from the pool, there are also inflatable float cabins”, he added.

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