Jellyfishbot, the robot that cleans the seas

Jellyfishbot, the robot that cleans the seas

Pollution in the seas and oceans is an established fact that affects not only the local ecosystem, but also the global level, which is why they created Jellyfishbot, a robot responsible for collecting garbage.

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That is why the French company Jadys created this robot jellyfish, in which tourists who visit the port of Cassis in southern France often see a disturbing sight: plastic bags, discarded drink bottles and even used surgical masks, floating in the water. Among the boats in the marina.

Jellyfishbot is the answer to this problem, in the form of a bright yellow remote-controlled electric motor boat, cruising around the harbor sucking trash into a net that he pulls behind his double hull.

The Jellyfishbot is about the size of a suitcase, so it can get into nooks and crannies where trash tends to pile up but is hard for net cleaners to get to.

In addition, it is also able to clean hydrocarbons from the surface of the water.

Jellyfishbot travels in the sea to collect trash. Photo: Twitter.

It is not the only device of its kind. clear blue sea, a San Diego nonprofit, is developing a prototype garbage collector robot called Unique.

Netherlands-based marine technology company, Run Marine, has developed a robot called “Waste Shark” that has been deployed to clean up garbage in the port of Rotterdam.

Jellyfishbot operates in about 15 French ports and has been exported to countries such as Singapore, Japan and Norway, according to Carlesi. The company just launched a standalone version.

Carlesi, an avid sailor and diver, said he came up with the idea after noticing, every time he spent his spare time in the water, how much trash was floating in the water in the ports.

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