Jesus Calleja and Pablo Alboran travel to Uganda in Quattro


Today, the channel presents a new season of Planet Alleywhich will once again showcase exotic destinations, different cultures, landscapes and ecosystems, with the singer as the first guest.

Tour begins On the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world. There, Pablo meets members of the Ndote Cultural Troupe, a group that restores the musical traditions of their ancestors and makes their own instruments. In this encounter, the singer lives a very exciting experience, singing and dancing with them and merging styles.

And the journey continues In the Queen Elizabeth National Park, where Pablo and Jesus go on a walking safari across the Kiyambura Gorge, they experience a stressful moment when they come across an elephant a few meters away. They also sail through the Kazinga Channel, the place with the highest concentration of hippos in Africa, and have a chance to see a family of lions at dawn.

After learning about the reality of the continent in her country Visit Lake KatweWhere the surrounding population works to extract salt in dangerous conditions, Pablo Alboran visits Kibale National Park, the best place in the world to observe chimpanzees in the wild. There he experiences the most exciting moments of the journey when he is surrounded by several families of primates.

Omar Montes in Swedish Lapland; Lolita in Madeira; Amia Salamanca from Kyrgyzstan and Chef Angel Leon in Dubai will be, among others, Some heroes and new installment destinations From Planet Alley.

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