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Netflix 2022 began with a series of first shows that were immediately successful: Margin 4Netflix-20220205-0046.html “target=”_blank”>prankster tinder and Netflix-five-reason-to-watch-the-movie-through-my-window-20220208-0055.html “target=”_blank”>through my window They are clear examples. However, from time to time broadcast platform “Revives” a film that has passed without pain or glory in theaters and turns it into anger.

This is what happened with The main deceptionA, the 2003 film that appeared in the catalog on February 3 and se has become one of the most copied titles. Something similar happened a few months ago with Netflix-the-amazing-movie-that-pass-without-pain-or-glory-through-the-theatres-and-now-is-all-the-20211222-0038.html = “_blank”>perfect crime2007 Production Championship Ryan Gosling s Anthony, Hopkins.

Also known as Italian Faena (Italian Job), this thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray And put herself 7th most watched platform worldwideAccording to the order prepared by the platform. In addition, it is one of the most “liked” products.

movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham It is a 1969 remake of the same name, starring Michael Cainewhere a gang of thieves sets out to steal a grand heist in Venice.

And although the reviews and box office were positive, it was not a movie that went down in history. It had a budget of $60 million and grossed $176,070,171 worldwide.

As for the opinion of the specialized press, they said: Like any fun film career, it’s not the destination that matters, but the exciting journey of getting there.”This two-hour film is a mindless escape, and is told on a relatively skilled professional level.” s “It’s like a smooth, exciting descent at full speed down a ski slope.”Critics say the most important newspapers in the United States.

What is the master of deception about?

“This brilliant thief’s robbery has been aborted. To take revenge he needs the best equipment and a master plan,” Refers to the official Netflix synopsis.

group formed by Charlie the Commander; Steve the hacker. Lyle, a computer genius; Rob, the left eared driver, is an explosives expert. And John, responsible for breaching the safe, Plans for a coup in Venice.

The plan was perfect, as expected, and ecstasy gripped everyone present for a short period of time. but nevertheless, Jealousy and greed cause problems.

After being robbed of the loot, these friends decide to launch a new attackmuch larger than their predecessors: they try to customize a truck loaded with gold and, in this way, get into the Los Angeles traffic control system, manipulate it and create the largest traffic jam in history.

The main deception: actors

Mark Wahlberg like Charlie Crocker
Jason Statham Like handsome rob
Charlize Theron Like Stella Bridger
Edward Norton like steve
Donald Sutherland like john bridger
Seth Green like lyle
moose def like Gilligan
Frankie Z pain
Boris Lee Crotonog Like Yevhen
Olek Krupa like machkov

Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham are the stars of The Master Swindle.


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