They have denounced Netflix for romanticizing Anna Sorokin’s life!

One of the people who was deceived by Anna Sorokin in the series thinks Anna’s creation He should not sympathize with the protagonist.

a few days ago Netflix Show the series for the first time Anna’s creationwhere through a fantasy story Anna Sorokin: a woman under the name Anna Davy ripped off by 270 million dollars To the heights of New York – in real life -.

He was actually one of his victims Rachel Williamsclerk Vanity Fair Who were deceived by the amount 62 thousand dollarsThis is despite the fact that she was one of her best friends as told in the book my friend. And this same person was disturbed by the program Netflixargues in an interview with Vanity Fair That production sympathizes a lot with the protagonist:

“I think it is wrong to promote this whole story and celebrate a narcissistic and narcissistic criminal. I know her hand and I was His victim, I studied the way he managed the scam, and when you watch the show, you don’t pay attention to the idea being marketed behind it.”

I have said that, Rachel Williams He revealed that he “didn’t have the nerve” to watch the entire show, except that he has a very clear opinion of it:

“I am concerned about some very obvious and refutable misinformation. I think half-truth exploration is worse than lying. (…) The combination of fact and fiction makes people more willing to believe the latter. I think this is really dangerous territory. Plus It has affected criminal justice procedures in real time.”

in the same line, Rachel Williams criticized the fact that Netflix pay for 320 thousand dollars to Anna Sorokin For the rights that allow her to adapt her life to the small screen, and the money that the criminal was forced to use to pay some fines and damages related to her crime.

Not honoring the victims?

In addition to the above, Rachel Williams He thinks the show is making a huge mistake with its presentation Anna Davy As a private and even inspiring figure, instead of showing the criminal sentenced to prison for eight counts:

“The story does it. This is a story designed to create sympathy for someone who lacks it (…) I just think there is a risk when you try to project a fictional story about a true crime story, because your story perspective may be appropriate for the series, but not for those influenced by Anna.”

under the same line, Rachel Williams He argued that it was dangerous Anna’s creation Combine fantasy and reality, because this generates the wrong perspective on a problem:

“I think it’s dangerous what the show does by dividing itself between fact and fiction, because people believe what they see in an entertainment piece more than they see in the news. It is our emotions in front of the narrative that shapes our beliefs.«.

In addition to the above, Rachel Williams I think so “The hunger for this kind of entertainment urges the media to create more similar narratives, motivate people like Anna, and make crime look like a viable career path.”

Anna Sorokin

Who gains from all this?

Anna Sorokin She was released from prison in February 2021, although she is still in the custody of Immigration Services and Customs Control in United StateThis is because your visa has expired. Although she fights there so as not to be deported to Germany, Rachel Williams I think that after the release of Anna’s creation The criminal won:

“If you think about it, what do scammers do? Tell stories. Stories have great power because they shape beliefs. Everyone has swallowed this wonderful novel. (…) Attention is a form of power, and if the story continues to benefit Anna, she will continue to search for it. This is what you need to convince people to keep buying your stories.”

Anna's creation
Movie lovers and movie lovers, did you like the series that tells the life of Anna Sorokin?

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