Jose Bautista and the Kings of Cabrera will play baseball before the Olympics


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Major League Baseball veterans Jose Bautista and Melkie Cabrera are part of the Dominican Republic’s roster for the US baseball pre-Olympic tournament to be held from May 31 to June 5 in Florida, USA. This wednesday.

These two players with 15 years of experience are joined by Julio Rodriguez, the Seattle Mariners’ player, as well as Emilio Bonifacio, Jason Asensio, Yevre Perez, and as Luis Liberato’s newest addition to the Dominican Olympic baseball program (Pro-baseball on Wednesday.).



Shortstop Jeison Guzmán, from the Kansas City Royals, will join Aderlin Rodríguez, Juan Francisco, Gustavo Núñez and Diego Goris, while Charlie Valerio and Eduardo De Oleo will be the recipients.

Rookies Raul Valdes, Liz Radames and Domingo Robles lead the shooters on a list that also includes Jumbo Diaz, Dario Alvarez, Gairo Asensio, Williams Jerez, Lesalverto Bonilla, Emilio Vargas, Jehan Marines, Loris Gomez and Roman Mendes.

For the event, which offers only one venue in the Tokyo Olympics and two in the final playoff game in Mexico, Dominican accompanying team Luis Gonzalez, league man Anderson Velez, and archers Alexis Candelario and Ramon Garcia will be in attendance as reserve.

In addition, the Dominican Republic will have Rafael Ozona, Mane Garcia, Anderson Hernandez, Gilbert Gomes, Wilton Chavez and Jose Cano as members of the coaching staff who will accompany Director Hector Borg in the competition.

The official Quesquia Olympic qualifiers jersey was also displayed during the national team show at the Quesquia Stadium in Santo Domingo.

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