Joy, Uganda Ranger: “We should be more like gorillas” – Biodiversity

Lara Malefisi

Joy Tugum, the sole ranger responsible for the last family of gorillas released in Uganda’s Magahinga National Park, defends the primate’s “values” and advocates the imitation of these animals, which she asserts are a “better version” of humans.

“We have to look more like gorillas,” he emphasized in an interview with EFE on the occasion of the screening in Barcelona of the documentary “Joy,” directed and co-produced by Aner Etxerbarria and Katz Studio, which spurred the first trip abroad. His forest keeper.

Tugume works surrounded by male guards, explaining that although her peers tend to treat her with “paternalism” and “condescension”, she can do “exactly the same job”.

In fact, his greatest relationship is with the gorilla family that lives on the mountain where he works as a ranger.

Naturally, the first meeting with Rokundo, the largest specimen with a height of more than two meters and a weight of about 200 kilograms, left her in shock.

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